Interior Decor

Interior Decor

Modern interior decoration knows no limits, if it’s about creativity, view or usage of material. We won’t step in the way of your creativity. Photos are available in form of wallpaper, acrylic picture, foil print, canvas picture and we are contributing in usage of other printable materials too.

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Type of materials:

Acrylic picture: this popular technique provides shine with beautiful colors and extra depth to the picture. During the process the print is mounted on a 5 mm thick polished, transparent acrylic table, with light-stop backing and aluminium stand-off hanger frames. Pictures made with this technique have got more contrast, rich colors with a luxury and glossy effect. The back hanger frame is hidden behind the artwork and leaves the picture floating in front of the wall.

Canvas picture: the photo is printed with large format printers on special photo canvas and stretched on a stretcher bar so you don’t even have to worry about the framing. The quality canvas picture is unique ornament of the home or office environment with excellent color consistency and rich details. In large size it provides an unforgettable experience.

Mounting: the photo is mounted on a sheet and can be hung out with or without frames. Among the various materials everybody can find the most suitable for themselves: extra strong wallboard, aluminium or cost-effective foam sheet. The picture is fixed to the wall with hook or back hanger frame.

Foil print: beyond that foil provides a special effect to the picture, it also prevents it against smaller damages, discoloring and makes its cleaning easier. It can be matte or glossy. With glossy foil we are able to create glass like surfaces which will make the colors pop and also accentuate the details.

Wallsticker/Wallpaper: ideal to decorate big surfaces. Vinyl sticker can be used both in- and outside. It is water resistant and available in matte and glossy. Wallpapers are developed for hard wear, are printed in photo quality with wide range of color tone. They can be glued to the wall with traditional wallpaper glue.

UV printing: unlike mounting , with this technique the print is made directly on the selected material which can be either wood, metal, glass or in special cases also objects. The color of these prints are intense, will not fade over time and the print is also resistant to weather changes.